McKinney Marriage and Family Therapy

My office is located at 805 State Farm Road, at the corner of State Farm Road and Shadowline Drive, in Suite 304 of the Colony Place building.  Shadowline Drive goes past Harris Teeter from Blowing Rock Road and intersects with State Farm Road.  Colony Place is diagonally across from The Watauga Arts Council.  Shadowline ends at State Farm Road and becomes Dale Street.  The parking lot for Colony Place is usually easier to enter from the lower end, off of Dale Street.  There are 3 doors to enter at the front of the building.  Enter through the one marked "Colony Place Lobby."  There are 4 chairs in that lobby and a restroom for the building.  To come to my suite, come up the stairs and come down the short hall to the right.  You will see several plants in the hall.  These plants surround the door to my suite and my name is on a on the door. Enter that door for my suite and I will greet you at the time of your appointment.

Mary McKinney,



Office Phone: 828-263-4113


805 State Farm Rd.

Suite 304

Boone, NC 28607


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