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Visiting this page means that you are one step closer to your goals for better health, well-being, and relationships.

Years ago, I adopted a statement from a textbook by Gerald Corey: I am the expert on therapy.  You are the expert on your life (lives).  As we collaborate from these areas of expertise, we are able to build a safe place for you to understand your challenges and to set and meet your goals.  Your expertise includes unique strengths and resources, which we will work together to renew or develop.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I understand you [each person] to be influenced by your family and other systems of which you are a part (e.g., communities, schools, churches, race, ethnicity, gender, and any other group of which you are a member).  Even when only one person is in the therapy room, I recognize the impact of these existing or historical relationships and allow that impact to inform and support our work.

So, whether you come in to deal with long-term and/or severe problems or to increase your satisfaction and wellness, your collaboration, your strengths and resources, and your relationships will support your progress.  I will offer psychotherapy skills that are matched to your individual needs and circumstances.

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